Thursday, October 17, 2019

How Case Managers Benefit from Electronic Medical Records Essay

How Case Managers Benefit from Electronic Medical Records - Essay Example † from SAM Advanced Management Journal, 74, p. 54+. The paper deals with the EMR implementation in health care organizations and the way case managers would benefit from this step. In the modern globalized world high-speed development of technological innovations leads to an overall growth and expansion of computerization. Different companies, firms and organizations are looking for the most convenient ways to facilitate the work of their employees. Therefore, case managers in health care organizations underline the necessity of electronic medical records implementation. Unfortunately, it is evident that very often case managers reject electronic medical records usage. In accordance with Seeman and Gibson (2009) such kind of behavior should be analyzed in terms of Davis's technology acceptance model and Ajzen's theory of planned behavior. The first benefit for case managers when using electronic medical records is the way to costs cutting and health care industry efficiency. Th is can be explained by direct functions of EMR. This technology enables fast and efficient collection of the following data: (demographic, financial, and medical  information). The storage, transmission and processing of the collected data facilitates the work of case managers. There is no need to penetrate into useless and boring paper activities. There is a right way to process data in digital format. Consequently, it is evident that EMR implementation will change â€Å"handwritten order documentation, minimizing transcription errors, and fundamentally reducing clinical mistakes† (Seeman and Gibson, 2009, p. 54). Case managers claim that physicians are able to make more relevant and appropriate decisions in case this technology is implemented. Sometimes, such promptness guarantees lives saving. In accordance with the article, case managers underline the importance of digital data processing in the process of their performance. A possibility to save huge amounts of data fa cilitates the job of case managers in the modern world of digital age. In spite of the fact that the concept of electronic medical records was developed 40 years ago, only the modern digital age enables keeping and collecting data of patients in different amounts. Unfortunately, health care organizations do not pay much attention to implementation of EMR into practice. The article states that less than 10% of American hospitals have enabled their case managers to facilitate their work by means of EMR. Another intimidating fact is that case managers may not have such an opportunity to facilitate their job. There are some predictions that by 2014 electronic medical records are introduced across America, but these predictions can hardly be true. Therefore, the article comprises different points of technological advancement of case management. Summary of the article â€Å"Supporting Management Programs† A strong criticism is also evident in the article â€Å"Supporting Managemen t Programs† (n.d.): â€Å"The issue is one of adoption [of EMR]. Are people really ready to do this? As long as it's easier to script it out and hand it to a voice-activated nurse, that's what the physician will do† (Supporting Management Programs). Another important point, represented in the article is the fact that case managers have many other obligations and it is too hard for them

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