Saturday, October 5, 2019

Website for an organization which has a campaign promoting a core Assignment

Website for an organization which has a campaign promoting a core issue that interests you - Assignment Example Morris Dees SPLC uses current laws to bring lawsuits to change current unjust laws. One example is when Dees sued the United Klans of America on behalf of Beulah Mae Donald. Donald’s son had been killed due to the Klan’s incitement toward violence against blacks. This suit bankrupted the last majorly nationally organized Ku Klux Klan in the United States. By challenging unfair laws and bring lawsuits, the SPLC has challenged and won lawsuits against discrimination against those living in the United States. The primary message is written with photographs at the top. These messages are informative. The website is set up like a news organization. Articles are current news around the United States involving issues of discrimination against minorities, Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT), and immigrants. The message is clear. Although America does have more tolerant laws today than in the 1950’s, there is much work to still be done. The target audience is average Americans that might not be aware of incidents of discriminations in their area. An example is the Hate Watch map. The Hate Watch map tracks hate groups. These groups are skinheads, KKK, black panthers, anti-government groups, and any group that promotes hate against others. The map shows the locations of hate group members and more information on each group. It must be noted that although the SPLC was founded during the Civil Rights Movement, the group is not anti-white or pro-black. The SPLC was founded to promote equality among all Americans. The SPLC also has teaching material for educators to teach children. These messages are targeted toward the younger audience. These materials, books, worksheets, videos, and recordings are provided for free. History and current events are covered in these materials. The materials can be requested by a teacher or adult for free. The noise or confusion that

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